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Functions of an Advertising Agency - Kyle Pearson

Advertising is all around us, we see it everywhere from billboards to videos on social media. With each advertisement being created to appeal to a specific type of people, or target audience, the ads we see on a daily basis seem to be tailored to our wants and needs. Advertising agencies are the ones responsible for planning how, when, and where an advertisement will be delivered.

To understand the different types of advertising agencies we first need to understand the basic functions. The first thing an agency needs to do before developing an advertisement is research. It is crucial to understand not just the product, but the company as well.

After understanding the product and company, planning the advertisement can begin. When planning the advertisement agencies decide what media will be used, when and where it will be used, and for how much time the ad will run.

Companies can technically do this work on their own, however advertising agencies are the professionals. Agencies make optimum use of their resources and typically have a team of different people with different functions such as copywriters, art directors, planners, and many more roles. In the end, companies who hire advertising agencies instead of attempting to do it themselves will have a better return while saving on cost to some level.

Advertising agencies don’t just build a brand, they build a desire. They create a demand through creative and clever strategy with an outside perspective than someone within the company. Advertising agencies allow companies to focus on their mission at hand while still expanding their business, in the end it is cost effective, saves time, and helps gain more business.

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