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  • Bennie Miller

Happy Heinz Halloween!

Halloween, a time for candy, playing dress up, and BLOOD! Lots and lots of fake blood. This year, Heinz Ketchup has developed a plan for you and all your fake blood endeavors this Halloween. Throughout the years, ketchup has been the perfect replacement for blood in pranks, videos, and more. Heinz wants to embrace this unconventional use of their product, so they have created a special edition Heinz Tomato “Blood” Ketchup, a costume kit, and a Halloween store.

Now, there’s nothing different ingredient-wise to this ketchup product. The only difference is the packaging. This packaging encourages users to not only use their product on burgers and chicken nuggets, but also as decoration for fake cuts. Their new tagline, “If you have Heinz, you have a costume,” is so great because it is simple and implies everything it needs to.

But it doesn’t stop there. With Heinz’s new Tomato Blood Costume Kit, you can get the Halloween ketchup, a makeup palette, sponge, makeup brush set, tattoo sheet, vampire teeth, and more. The kit is currently available for $19.99.

But there's more. If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles this season, you can stop by the Heinz Halloween Store, sounds catchy doesn’t it? Here, you can grab costume kits, the ketchup bottle, and even decorate your costume as the store’s interactive “drip stations.”

Heinz took an unconventional use of their product and 100% owned it. Whoever is on their advertising team earned a pat on the back for bringing this idea to life. I love how they encourage people to continue using their ketchup as a way to get creative, whether on the plate or on your skin. Can’t wait to get messy this Halloween!

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