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  • Reagan Hoelscher

Heinz Ketchup and the Importance of Branding.

In January 2021 Heinz Ketchup had a campaign asking their consumers to draw a bottle of ketchup. In this experiment, Heinz recruited Canadian Agency Rethink to invite contestants from five different continents to draw a bottle of ketchup. The only thing that these people knew was that they were participating in an anonymous experiment for a commercial. It was never stated that Heinz has been involved or any other brand. The results were astounding, almost every submission had drawn a bottle of Heinz ketchup, even including the logo and name. Some of them did not necessarily spell the brand name correctly although the famous number 57 and the tomatoes on the vine that appear on its label were drawn as well. Although they did receive two weirder submissions where someone drew a mustard bottle and someone else drew a red blob of just ketchup.

This experiment highlighted Heinz's global impact and its successful packaging. This also highlights the importance of branding in a company and just how strong Heinz branding is. They basically had the customers doing the work for them in the sense that they had to put very little effort into making people think of Heinz first when it comes to buying ketchup. Not only was this very successful but I also thought it was very unique and cool that they could easily show off the amount of success their branding has done for them as a company. Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada has said, “Consumers love the unmistakable taste of Heinz, and people around the world give credit to Heinz Ketchup as the original and only option out there.”

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