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  • Christian Bell

Homage to Grease: The Pepsi and Doja Cat Style

This weekend aired a new Pepsi commercial starring American rapper, Doja Cat. This ad is promoting new additions to Pepsi’s line of drinks by paying homage to Grease and their musical acts. Artist, Doja Cat, covers popular song “You’re The One” in scenes that could be described as a modern grease with a colorful fun twist.

While performing the song, she appears to be tracking down an attractive male through the crowd of people conveniently dancing to the song. Towards the end of the video, it is revealed that the boy was not the one that she wanted. It was the new Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop that the male actor was caring around.

With the “cool” visual packaging along with the copy “A Modern Take On A Classic” set at the end, this fun rendition of Grease was a perfect fit.

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