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  • Joseph Espinoza

How 2 Top Brands are Engaging Email Subscribers

Creative marketers are utilizing the Liveclicker platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with email, finding incipient ways to engage customers, and make their teams more efficient. These techniques help push the boundaries of the craft, into an art.

WWE Brings the Excitement of Wrestling to the Inbox There’s no shortage of reasons to love professional wrestling. But how do you translate the kinetic drama that draws fans to the ring time and time again to email; a medium that is often considered flat and static? For WWE, the world’s premier wrestling media brand, the answer was as elegant and potent as a Stone Cold Stunner: embedded email video. It pays off too:

  • 35% increase in clicks after incorporating video content into email

  • Significant time reduction spent creating, updating, and sending emails

  • Integrated personalization tools enable more flexible, interactive, and engaging email experiences

Kabam Saves the Day with Super-Fun Emails Affluent stories, profound lore, and immersive worlds avail Kabam Inc. captivate millions of people all over the world. By putting astonishing experiences and incipient ways to have regalement in the hands of mobile gamers everywhere, Kabam lives its mission by regaling the world one interaction at a time.

So, what transpires when Kabam applies this fun-first approach to electronically mail marketing? After incorporating more interactive content like embedded polls, tap-to-reveal character and feature releases, videos, dynamic images, and more, Kabam’s users now visually perceive the company as a hero that puts on its cape every day to forfend the world from inbox jejunely. It pays off too:

  • 286.5% lift in its engagement after adding embedded polling and engagement-driven personalization to its emails

  • More than 33% lift in click-through rate after A/B testing capabilities revealed further optimization potential

  • iOS-focused tap-to-reveal email elements increased campaign click-to-open rates by up to 46%

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