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How Panera Bread Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic - Jasmin Vargas

Advertising is an extremely fast paced environment and requires quick thinking in order to efficiently get a message across that includes all the right details from tone, imagery, copy, and relevance. In times of crisis it is easy to see the transition many brands go through when ending their campaigns and creating relevant advertising to effectively portray their image and message.

Panera Bread is a good example of this, as they have recently begun to release “From One Neighbor to Another” 30 second digital advertising on YouTube. These advertisements are filmed by real Panera delivery drivers across the nation who have a word of advice to say about the situation we are all in right now. The messages are largely unscripted and filmed by the driver’s own smartphone and create an intensely personalized message to showcase the driving force behind their success. Normal people, who are also struggling but make the incredible effort during the coronavirus pandemic. The messages from these drivers contain everything from reassurance to doubt and uncertainty, a completely relatable feeling for most of their audience right now. Panera Bread has definitely thought quickly on their feet and provided a bit of humanity during this difficult time.

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