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How the Coronavirus May Affect Nintendo - Yecenia Alvarado

The Coronavirus outbreak is coming to a commercial near you. I don’t know if that really is the case, but it might be. This sickness based in China has a few cases in the United States and has become an issue in terms of xenophobia.

Aside from the xenophobia, Nintendo, the gaming manufacturer, has been affected by the coronavirus. A production bottleneck will likely be affecting delay shipping of consoles to the U.S. This comes at a bad time since Nintendo is getting ready to release its “Animal Crossing” Franchise on March 20.

The Switch units would have to start issues for product arriving in April. Though “Animal Crossing” is set for now, the slow in production in April will make for a delay in the game to come to the US, which is the company’s biggest market. Nintendo accounts for 43 percent of its core business in the US, while Europe and Japan account for 27 percent and 21 percent.

I sense a lot of upset or even angry people over. I work at a retail shop where we will sell animal crossing and I am curious to see when our shipment for the game with start to slow down. They also have a special edition Nintendo Switch that is “Animal Crossing” themed, which I am curious to see about that one and how people will respond to this.

A lot of people at my store love Nintendo video games. I sell at least 3 Nintendo Switch games per shift. I really hope that this delay isn’t a long one as I am curious to see how many people will be mad or upset over this, I don’t actually want to see people mad or upset.

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