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  • Bryson Baggett

Hummer EV

Last week, General Motors announced their next electric truck arriving in 2022 – the Hummer EV. This was surprising to most because the Hummer line had been discontinued in 2009 following GM’s bankruptcy announcement. Here we are though, 2 years away from what could be the best electric truck on the market. How does it stack up against our current lineup of trucks though? First, the look of the vehicle. Well, it looks like a Hummer. The oversized, boxy body is one we have seen with all Hummers past, but with a new sleeker design. Compared to other electric trucks that are coming to market soon, the Hummer EV is positioned to take a large stake of the industry. Not only is the truck electric but also has an autopilot driving option to match the capabilities of the leader in electric vehicles, Tesla. The truck is considered a super car, capable of going 0 to 60 in three seconds. It also boasts 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque. While the driving range is smaller than that of its competitors it can still drive for 350 miles before needing a charge. The irony in this is that Hummers were considered gas guzzlers and an impractical car to own because of the costs of having to fill up the tank. With this new take on the car, the Hummer EV could restore its image of being a larger than life vehicle, while actually being able to dominate the road.

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