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Intel vs Apple

For years now Apple has been the leader not only is sales for laptops with the MacBook but also many times leading the way over top competitors when it comes to advertising. Starting back in 2009 with the famous “I’m a Mac” ad staring Justin Long standing in to represent the newest MacBook compared to a dopey actor who is the personification of a PC. In these ads, the PC tries to comedically brag on its new features, however Apple always already has those features or an improved version and proves itself to be better. However, in the past year, Intel after pulling away from Apple, has begun a series of ad campaigns comparing its high variety of new and improved PCs with many different cutting-edge styles, including ads staring the former Apple man himself, Justin Long, admiring the new PC options.

In a new ad, Intel has once again come out swinging. In the new ad, a group of avid Apple supporter are brought into a room individually and asked questions about some features they wish were available to them with their apple devices. They are shown a variety of new devices with the implication they are Apple products including things such as upgrading your own RAM and laptop, redesigned keyboard spaces to allow larger screen, and a few 2-in-1 laptop and table products. Each of the Apple faithful are impressed with the new products expressing their excitement over being able to upgrade products on their own and how many of these products eliminate the need for a MacBook and an iPad. However, as they continue to praise the new products and discuss getting their hands on some the host of the focus group tells all of the Apple fans that these are all new PC products with Intel. All of the Apple loyalists are visibly shocked and have a variety of actions that elevate even more when the host opens a door to a studio featuring all of these flashy PC products. The Apple customers look in aw and many ask if they can take one home or buy one right away.

This ad, while having a familiar format to many other ads, has a refreshing feel and is a new step in Intel’s attempt to take on Apple. While it is still up in the air if an ad like this or many of their other new advertisements will be too successful in pulling in new customers from Apple to PC products, it is definitely a new wave in the debate between Apple and PC and a strong jab from Intel.

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