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  • Julissa Murrell

Is Gen Z fed up with advertising?

An article by Neil Patel reveals that Gen Z social media users are experiencing advertising fatigue, with “49 percent saying it’s because there are too many ads on the internet” and the ads not resonating with their culture or values. As a result, they are quick to skip ads when the option is made available to them or use ad blockers due to the bombardment of irrelevant, unwanted, and inauthentic content.

Gen Z, also colloquially known as Zoomers, values diversity and transparency, so it’s vital that marketers create authentic and genuine messages and representations of diversity in their campaigns.

Following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, many brands spoke out in solidarity with protestors to show their support and effort toward tackling systematic racism and oppression. Advertisements and campaigns started consisting of more diversity, yet Zoomers still weren’t satisfied because they could see right through inauthentic brands and ads. Companies were being called out for performative activism, and Zoomers became dubious about messages brands were putting out. A statistic from AdWeek reads, “78% of Gen Zers are skeptical of brands’ commitments to issues like equity, diversity, and sustainability.

So, is Gen Z fed up with advertising? The truth is Zoomers are receptive to the right ads and the right brands. It’s all about creating messages and content that resonate with them.

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