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Jeep’s Last Minute “Groundhog’s Day” Production - Blake Boehle

According to AdWeek, Jeep’s successful “Groundhog’s Day” Super Bowl ad almost didn’t air. While most Superbowl ads are planned and executed months in advance, filming for this ad didn’t begin until 10 days before Super Bowl Sunday.

The article elaborates that the delay was due to Jeep waiting for a response from the key component of the commercial, Bill Murray. Since the Super Bowl was landing on Groundhog’s Day for the first time in 54 years, this truly was a golden opportunity. However, due to the high production costs that go into Super Bowl ads, a time-crunch is the last thing any agency wants to deal with. Luckily, Jeep and small boutique ad agency, Highdive, were up to the challenge.

The article stated that it was clear that the ad would be mimicking scenes from Groundhog’s Day from the start, the ad’s headlining vehicle changed. The spot was originally envisioned with the Ram truck in mind, but it was soon realized that Jeep’s fun and outdoorsy nature was better suited. The ad emitted a fun feeling with Bill Murray enjoying living the same day over and over, so it was the perfect match.

After the 3 days of filming, the shoot was complete. Due to the last-minute production, the ad could only be set to be a floater spot meaning it would only air during an unplanned commercial break. Luckily, the ad was able to broadcast during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl with a positive audience reaction.

It is fair to say that the creation of this ad is a miracle with the short production schedule. The advertising industry often requires to take risks when an idea is strong enough. This was an instance where the risk turned out to be beneficial.

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