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  • Candace Smith


This past week Nike addition its latest campaign ads for the “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign. Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam released the films targeted towards the Middle East for women in swim. The line is titled “Victory Swim” with a range in clothing to accommodate Muslim Women.

The ad depicts a Muslim woman in a Nike hijab and a full-body suit teaching her daughter how to swim for the first time. Throughout the video, there are clips of other famous Muslim athletes participating in their sport while wearing Nike’s Victory Swim line. The ad ends with the little girl finding the ability to swim on her own and yelling out “I’m doing it,” her mother then retorts, “Well, don’t stop now.” The screen fades to black and the words “You Can’t Stop Us” come across the page and the famous check symbol.

I personally believe this was a great ad. Nike continuously shows that they are all about diversity and inclusivity in their ads and as a brand in general. They not only speak out about how sports and sportswear should be inclusive to all, but they make the changes that they want to see. The Victory Swim line is a beautiful addition for those that dress modestly but are also athletes. Their needs shouldn’t be ignored, and Nike does a great job at seeing those who are often overlooked.

The message behind Nike’s ads is always powerful. The line “You Can’t Stop Us” is especially important for women and children who are constantly told they can’t do something or it’s not for them. Nike pushes boundaries and encourages its consumers to do the same.

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