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  • Blake Boehle

Maker’s Mark’s New Hulu Ad Campaign Made for Binge Watchers

With digital advertising allowing a brand’s message to be personalized for an audience, it opens up an opportunity for ads to be creative. A recent example of creativity with digital advertising can be found with Maker’s Mark’s new Hulu campaign. According to Hulu, with the help of their consumer insights, Maker’s Mark has created a campaign targeting audiences on a content binge.

The advertisements depict scenes of different TV genres with a bottle of Maker’s Mark arranged to look like a product placement in an actual show. The spots end with a voice over saying lines such as, “Enjoy the smooth taste… Of another episode”. This encourages the viewer to view more episodes and thus view more Maker’s Mark advertisements. The advertisements span for three episodes in a binge and are strategically planned to play at the beginning, middle, and end of an episode.

Hulu has stated that the Maker’s Mark campaign has lifted ad recall by 2X and brand awareness by 2.5X. The Maker’s Mark campaign was a part of the first wave of brands to partner with Hulu’s Binge Ads. This may pave the way for more campaign that adapt to the watching style of audiences.

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