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  • Clay Hadley

Mr. Pringle, New and Improved?

Mr. Pringle, Tony the Tiger, Chester Cheetah - all beloved fast food mascots, all of them undergoing a redesign at some point. Mr Pringle was next in line.

At the end of last year, Kellogg’s, Pringles’ parent company, announced that the mustachioed mascot would leave his luscious black hair behind for a more streamlined look, and the new packaging is finally hitting the shelves as we enter 2021. Beyond the new ‘doo, Mr. Pringle also now has different reactions based on the flavor of the chips themselves.

“We spent the last two years in research and design to create a modern look for the cans and Mr. P’s style that reflects the bold flavor in every Pringles crisp and stack,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing at Pringles, in a press release. “While the look may be new on the outside, I’m proud to say that it doesn’t change the irresistible taste that’s always been on the inside of every Pringles can and celebrates the unique snacking experience that is part of every bite.”

As per usual, fans took to Twitter to make their comments on the recent changes. Some have called it “fresh” and “welcomed”, while others have called it “lazy” and “dull.”

But Pringles isn’t the only brand ditching their old gradients for solid, flat colors. McDonald’s, Mastercard, Subway, even creative titan Adobe, has flattened their logos and stripped their brand image down to its barebones.

Despite recent minimalistic rebrands facing criticism from loyalists, it’s likely that we’ll only continue to see more brands ditch their old looks filled with gradients and textures, for flat, more contemporary looks in the coming years.

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