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  • Kyra Hutton

Muppets, the ‘Animal’ rocks out on Geico’s latest commercial.

GEICO, the insurance company, is known for it’s heartwarming and funny family-friendly commercials. From Caleb the Camel who’s over jealous about “HUMP DAY” (Wednesday) to Maxwell the little piggy that goes “Wee Wee,” all the way home and we can’t forget about Geico’s most iconic commercial yet, the Cavemen, that set the company on a new track for commercial advertisements.

Over the course of the last decades, GEICO continues to add new faces to their commercials, whether it’s Yogi and Boo- Boo wrecking the family picnic or sticking to Martin, the GEICO Gecko, who’s named after the Martin Agency, as he patters his way all across America. In GEICO’s latest commercial the Muppets the Animal made a cameo to rock down the house as the noisy upstairs attic guest. Though the Animal has a good ear for music, he's a nuisance to the couple home he inhabits. The Animal is seen jamming out on his drum set up in the attic, hanging from the ceiling, sneaking up on people and sliding down the staircase banister, as he terrorizes the couples home. But what does the Animal have to do with home and bundling insurance…absolutely nothing but hey it's easier than living with the Animal. Which is what GEICO wants you to know; it's easy and anyone can do it. The Martin Agency, creative team has yet to miss the mark when it comes to creativity with the GEICO commercials, viewers never know what to expect with a GEICO commercial, it leaves the viewers on their toes just like the Animal living in your house you'll never know what he’ll do next.

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