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  • Jennifer Iraheta

'New Products' on April Fools

As March comes to an end, April 1st is one of the biggest days in the advertising world where brands bring out their funniest creativity for April fools. Though many people know it's a holiday about jokes, it is a great way to engage with the audience in a creative and fun way.

As seen on Ad Age, some brands such as Bud Light Seltzer came up with fake pizza flavor beverages that ranged from pepperoni to anchovy, which is perceived as disgusting by many. Another brand was that of Ithaca lemon beet spiked seltzer. I can just imagine how people would react to having the red-stained beet residue all over their teeth if they had to drink this. One joke that most people were hoping was real was Justin's beer flavor peanut butter.

Of course, everything is all fun and games just to get into the spirit and culture of April fools. Who knows, some of these brand products might turn into something real in the next grocery store you go to.

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