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  • Kimberly Landeros

Roku + Nielsen

Roku and Nielsen are forming a grounding alliance. Roku is gaining Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising (AVA) business. According to Alison Levin, Roku’s VP of Ad Sales and Strategy,” “Our No. 1 focus at Roku is just to make TV a better experience for everyone. More performant, more relevant ads and then everyone wins.”

This alliance will allow Roku to replace linear TV ads in real time with targeted ad buys. According to Louqman Parampath, Roku’s VP of product management for advertising, “This acquisition will accelerate our launch of an end-to-end DAI solution, which will unlock the power of data driven ad buying for traditional TV.” The VP believes that Roku is “uniquely positioned” to launch DAI because of the company’s size and their existing relationships and programming partnerships

This collaboration is beneficial for both parties. For Roku this means every campaign sold will be measurable by Nielsen automatically. Also, their streaming footprint will be added to Nielsen, which will bring the footprint of smart TVs and other devices to almost 100 million. For Nielsen this will allow them to enable media seller and buyers to measure and improve monetizing addressable advertising.

This deal is expected to be finalized by “the second quarter” of this year.

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