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  • Tristan Amado

Taco Bell and Their Great Chicken Debate

I’m just going to keep things as real as I can . I’m an absolute shill for Taco Bell, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. Is their food the best? Well…no. Is it the healthiest? Define… healthy. Is it any good? To me it is. We all have our vices, and Taco Bell is certainly one of mine.

I think it’s fair to say that Taco Bell is one of the more innovative fast-food chains out there today, with their ever-expanding menu full of crazy items like nacho fries, crunch wraps, and the ever-famous Baja Blast. So, when I saw an ad for the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, it seemed like something only Taco Bell would do. It’s a piece of fried chicken folded in a flatbread style shell with a special sauce, and it has all the components for both a taco and a sandwich, hence the name. However, I think Taco Bell may have found the perfect formula for advertising for this product, and it’s done in two major ways.

First off, they’re finally trying their hand at a fast-food chicken “sandwich”. Many people may recall that over the past 2 years, many food chains, spearheaded by Popeyes , have marketed and produced specialty chicken sandwiches, all of which created a ton of public buzz about who had the best one. Was it Popeyes’ newest poultry powerhouse? Was Chick-fil-a's staple still the supreme king? These were a few of the many questions the public at large had regarding the great chicken sandwich debate of recent years. So, here’s the new kid on the chicken sandwich block, Taco Bell. By creating their own variant of the chicken sandwich, they will further continue the discussion of which sandwich is head of the coop.

Second, they’re creating and perpetuating an ongoing debate about the product itself and how it’s classified, with “Sandwich Taco” being in the name. These sorts of arguments have been going on for years, with people trying to determine if things like hot dogs or pizza are considered sandwiches based on a myriad of factors. So, Taco Bell can get people to discuss this with their friends, families and co-workers, which in turn would increase sales so people can determine the outcome for themselves.

With the ad they produced, they frame this as a legit debate, using two of the biggest rivals in college football, Georgia and Clemson, as the two sides arguing for one classification over the other. Plus, they push the hashtag #SandwichTacoDebate, which further stimulates the discussion on social media. Once again, Taco Bell will become the center of the fast-food zeitgeist with another weird, and probably delicious creation as we’ve come to expect from them over the past decade.

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