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  • Tiffany Aragon

The hope for a voting boost with creative advertising.

Many companies have used their creativity to promote voting for the upcoming elections hoping to boost votes. They are targeting a younger demographic, mainly 18-29 year-olds, because according to the past elections only 46.1 percent of young adults voted. Companies like Patagonia, Live Nation, Footlocker, Snapchat, Spotify, Reddit, Levis, Airbnb, among others, are some of the companies that have been encouraging younger generations to head to the polls this November 3.

Patagonia's latest shorts collection blew up on Twitter because of the placement of the phrase "Vote the assholes out" in their tags. The company is known as an environmentally friendly and fair -trade company that believes that "Americans must defend or lose." Patagonia has always been vocal about where they stand in climate change and are not afraid to call out those in power who believe climate change is not affecting our planet. Other companies like Footlocker and Airbnb, encourage voting on their home page giving their guest the ability to check their registration status. Snapchat came up with a similar concept to guide and help the young adults to register to vote. The platform partnered with Turbovote and provided a voter’s guide and a checklist to make it easier for their users to register. As of today, the platform has claimed that more than 475,000 users have already been registered.

Regardless of the encouragement and guidance, the companies have offered, we can't fully determine if Americans will head to the polls until election day. We can just hope that the creativity and effort these companies put into their campaigns reflect what they wanted to accomplish on November 3.


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