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The Moldy Whopper - Chloe Gordon

Age is definitely beauty in regards to the moldy whopper campaign from Burger King. “The beauty of no artificial preservatives” is the new tag line following the images of a moldy cheeseburger. This has broken all rules of typical advertising, which is why it is so genius. When most people think of a burger ad, they typically think of a hot and juicy looking burger with meaty cheese that looks like you can taste it just from the image itself. Instead, with Burger King's new ad they display a burger with no artificial preservatives that is about a month old. The burger is covered in mold and there are multiple print ads showcasing the Beauty of this growing mold. The ads don’t look delicious, but they are very intriguing to look at.

Personally, I have never liked Burger King because their food doesn’t taste real to me, but now with this campaign, I’m thinking of giving it a second try. So if anything, at least this campaign has worked on me so far. So far, the feedback seems to be that people just think that the ad is crazy out of this world, which it is, but most are understanding the concept behind it. The ad is a stab at McDonalds and their non-moldy burgers that can last for 20 years and look untouched.

This campaign in my opinion is going to be very successful in the long run. They are able to live up to new standards from a society moving away from preservatives and showcase that.

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