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  • Brittney Lucio

The New Looks Into Coachella

It is the start of summer festivals and Coachella is known to be one of the biggest. Brands are getting ready to start their collaborations. Fortnite, StockX, NFT and more.

Fortnite’s partnership with Coachella includes festival-style outfits and music played by artists in the festival. Coachella auctioned NFTs that will provide the winners with a lifetime access to a weekend festival every time Coachella comes around. StockX will be holding a lounge and art exhibition which will showcase the collaboration of artists and their clothing line.

Companies have advertised themselves in Coachella for some time. Some of them include sky advertising, flyers in the parking lot, trailer advertising with logos, and incentives. I am sure similar advertising will appear in this year’s festival, but now we see advertising with it has also gone online. As culture changes, advertising follows.

It is an interesting look to see how brands have stepped up their marketing tactics with one of the most known festivals.

It will also be the first time we will experience Coachella through social media. Getting to see people camp out. No more head in looks by influencers and celebrities.

This is a huge step into social media and its marketing. We used to be able to view Coachella by waiting days for people to post about it on YouTube. We also saw snips of it through people’s stories. Yet, TikTok and Instagram reels will give us an insight we have not had before. In real time, influencers and people on social platforms will upload different moments they experience. Whether it’s camping out, getting ready, waiting in line, or even getting us a close up to our favorite celebrities. It will also be a way to feel closer to the experience without watching through celebrities and influencers who get more benefits.

With that being said, brands may use this to advertise their products. They may pop up behind people’s videos. They get the chance to offer deals in getting people to advertise for them. The opportunity for brands to plan out their own social media content in new ways. Those who will choose to talk about the event, will be participating in word of mouth. Users can talk about their experiences with certain brand ambassadors or the product themselves. They may even upload them while visiting an exhibit.

Let us not forget that those who are into Fortnite, may decide to stream themselves getting outfits during the Coachella event. NFTs will be posted on social media in case someone won the lifetime event pass and even stream themselves trying to win auctions.

Coachella, the insight into their festival and its advertising has changed as we have too over the years. Cannot wait to see how it will expand in the next few years.

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