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The Power of Celebrity Endorsement - Elena Corres

Have you ever related a celebrity with a brand? There are a lot of brands that use this technique and it is known as “Celebrity Endorsement.”

Celebrity endorsement is defined by the economic timer as “A form of advertising that uses famous personalities or celebrities who command a high degree of recognition, trust, respect or awareness amongst the people”.

One of the benefits of using this technique is that it gives credibility and it creates a positive image of the brand. By having a positive image, the brand can become more memorable and remarkable to its audience.

Society, in general, tend to remember more of an advertisement whenever they see someone they know, especially if they have some type of admiration. Consumers will be more attracted to buy the product if the person in the ad appears to them as credible, powerful or attractive. Consumers might feel empowered by using the product that their favorite celebrity is using.

This type of technique is more than just convincing the audience, it plays with their psychological behavior.

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