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  • Yasmine Raygoza

The Rise of Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Thanks to Tik Tok

Ever since the world was introduced to the new Disney movie ‘Encanto’, we saw the film rise to popularity. Whether it was the valuable lesson found in the film, the recognition of a culture, or another catchy song ready to be stuck in your head for days. The catchy tune “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” featured in this new Disney film has taken Tik Tok by storm and everyone’s been all over it. The song currently sits at number one on Billboard's hot 100 charts and is only the second Disney song to reach top status, the last one being “A whole new world” from Aladdin. So, what has made this song become such a trend?

Such a creative platform like Tik Tok has allowed for different ways to reach an audience. In this case, the different variations of trends that have been done with this new ‘Bruno’ song have shone light towards the film that's got everybody talking, or should I say... singing. As you scroll through the endless amounts of Tik Toks, you will find either a dance made up to go along with the tune, someone trying to lip-sync to all the different voice parts found in the song, or friends recreating and acting out the scene where this musical number takes place. But the current trend? Mariano’s walk.

You may be asking, who is Mariano? If you have seen this cute little film, you need no explanation. And if you still have not seen ‘Encanto’, what planet are you on? During the “We Don't Talk About Bruno” number there is a shot of the character Mariano doing a very peculiar walk. As he steps one foot in front of the other, he does this in a very, and I mean very, drastic way. Bringing us to the current Encanto trend. Make a video of yourself on ‘your way’ to do anything as you stitch the song in, and once you hear Abuela say “oye Mariano's on his way”, start your best Mariano walk.

With all the popularity this song has gained on TiK Tok, it’s a no-brainer why it reached such a high spot on the charts. Imagine all those repeats done on the different music platforms just to learn a few seconds of the song to make your Tik Tok video. I'm sure that’s not the free advertising Disney was expecting but boy did they get it. I mean, wouldn't you be curious to know why people are walking funny to a Disney song and intrigue you to watch the movie? Otherwise, how else would you hop on the latest trend?

Source: one-hot-100-second-week-1235028035/

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