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  • Mujtaba Zaheer

Tide's #TurnToCold Campaign

In its recent advertising campaign, Tide has encouraged everyone to wash their laundry in cold water. This simple change in the way people wash their laundry can save them up to $150 per year and can reduce the strain on the environment. Tide’s #TurnToCold campaign plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions produced by its manufacturing plants in half over the next decade along with reducing the use of both water and plastic. Their main agenda is to have 75% loads of laundry washed in cold water by 2030.

The Procter & Gamble (P&G) laundry detergent is helping to spread the word about this by launching a celebrity-filled campaign featuring Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin, showing them as call center employees calling Annie Murphy, Vanilla Ice, Mark Messier, and Mr. T to share the information on how they could #TurnToCold to help the environment and save up to $150 on energy bills every year. These ads are created by their advertising agency Woven Collaborative and are scheduled to air on various streaming platforms, TV, and social media.

Throughout the pandemic, P&G’s products have had a heightened focus on prioritizing the health and hygiene of its consumers, building firm trust and brand loyalty. Several reports show that their fabric and home care products including Tide, Bounce, Swiffer, and Dawn saw a 12% increase in sales over a three-month period ending December 31 compared to the same time period last year.

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