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Tips and Tricks for Creative Thinking

Creativity is an incredibly important skill to possess in the advertising world. Creativity isn’t just for creatives, every position in an ad agency needs a little creativity. Whether it be a media planner trying to make viable plan with a limited budget or an account planner trying to entice potential clients. No matter what position you hold here are some tips and tricks from Fast that can help improve creativity.

Dim lighting is thew first trick you can use to improve your creativity. Researchers found that on a subconscious level being in a darker room will make us feel from constraints and in return will allow us to think in a more risky, explorative kind of way.

Another tip is keep a journal on your bed nightstand. When we are tired our brains think in a more creative way. This is because when we are lying in bed about to fall asleep our brains begin to wonder and we begin to look at this from “outside the box” perspectives. Keeping a journal or notebook next to your bed is important because if you don’t write down an idea when it comes to you in this matter you are going to forget it, I learned this the hard way.

A huge tip for creative thinkers is creativity isn’t about original ideas it’s about making new connections between existing ideas. This is one of the most important things a creative should realize, because it makes being creative a little less scary. Trying to come up with a completely original idea can feel nearly impossible, and that’s because it nearly is. Some of the best creative minds agree with this theory include Steve Jobs and when an artists named Austin Kleon was asked where he comes up with his ideas from he said “I steal them.”


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