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  • Austin Banzon

Walmart Reaches for the Sky

A year into the pandemic, people have adapted to how they go about purchasing groceries and other necessities. Food delivery, curbside pickups and online ordering have been ways retailers and grocery stores have evolved with the people. 2021 is proving to be a big year for this retail giant it has quite a plan for its consumers.

Walmart recently changed its advertising business name from Walmart Media Group to Walmart Connect and have been planning to completely revamp how to reach its 150 million weekly customers. In this new strategy, Walmart plans to create faster connections between brands and consumers by offering advertisers the option to buy locations to digitally set up shop on devices around the store.

These different media would have access to displaying their advertising on approximately 170,000 digital screens in-store in more than 4,500 Walmart locations nationwide. Advertising will also be displayed on TV walls and on the self-checkout screens for better customers engagement as well.

Walmart also announced its new partnership with the advertising technology company, The Trade Desk, and how its plans to work together to create a new platform to launch in the 2021 holiday season. A lot of change is happening and Walmart continues to strive and evolve to help customers as they adapt in the ever-changing world.

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