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What is Strategic PR and how does it benefit an Organization? - Deken Taylor

In the wise words of American Businessman Oscar Munoz, “Communication strategy is not just part of the game; it is the game.” The game he is referring to is the challenge that many public relations professionals face when it comes to successfully developing communication strategies. You can’t just walk into your client’s office empty-minded about their campaign and expect them to do further business with you. Stick around and find out the hacks that will put you above the rest of the competition.

What is Strategic PR

In order to understand strategic PR, you must be able to understand and implement the PR processto all of your work. Not knowing this will not only make you look like an amateur, it will also make it more difficult for you to execute strategic PR. Get used to researching if you haven’t already. As a key element to developing successful campaigns, you need to be able to know useful information. What is your client’s competition like? How often do they have events and who are the target audiences? The more types of research you potentially identify, the more you have to work with when it comes to strategic planning. In this day in age, one cannot rely on gut feelings and intuitions. Approaching a plan can be challenging because most public relations specialists don’t know where to start or how to format and analyze it. Present your best tactical ability possible, as you will be writing to convey messages in several formats through multiple channels.

Why is it valuable

Strategic planning is valuable because it can determine the right forms of communications between an organization and its publics. All strategic planners presume the role of media relations, which deals with exchanging traditional media, social media, and reputation factors for coverage. You will need to aim for high professionalism and proactiveness for earned media. Earned media is a great tool to monitor a press release’s success – the more coverage, the better. For example, the Mayborn School of Journalism uses annual reports for shareholders and interested people (prospected college students, alumni, etc.) to provide information about the company’s activities and financial performance.

How does an organization know the value of PR

Organizations will know the value of your communication strategies by the results of your work. How many hits did your press release receive? Were all the goals and objectives of the campaign reached? Overall, clients are looking for their messages to be clear and concise for the public. Functionality and originality are a must. As a PR professional, you should be able to write in AP Style, master the process of PR, and strategically plan for campaigns. Finally, creativity goes a long way in PR. Use it to your advantage, and you will never lose to a strategic plan again.

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