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  • Katey Matney

Yung Gravy met Martha Stewart in the kitchen

We’ve all heard a thing or two about Martha Stewart and her famous recipes. But, has Stewart taken it to a new level by partnering with rapper, Yung Gravy, by using his song “Martha Stewart” in a new ad?

Yung Gravy is well known for his special and very forward music of claiming he will steal your girl, your mom, your aunt, etc. He uses popular and catchy beats to create his most well-known songs like “Mr. Clean” and “oops!” In 2020, Gravy released his song “Martha Stewart” which Stewart decided to use in her next ad.

Martha Stewart Kitchen is in freezers all over the country, but the company was looking for more ways to create awareness for themselves. The ad begins with Martha Stewart calling Yung Gravy asking for music to launch her new food with. The ad then plays Gravy’s song, “Martha Stewart,” and shows Gravy and Stewart in the kitchen with some of the many foods Martha Stewart Kitchen is launching while giving off a music video sequence feel.

This ad may seem strange at first, and you might be wondering why the two partnered with each other for this ad. But, given the fact that Yung Gravy falls between a serious artist and a goofy rapper, and that Martha Stewart always seems to be getting made fun of, this duo kind of just makes sense. The two were able to create a comical ad that many enjoy and were able to create more publicity for themselves.

The real question is, who will Martha Stewart Kitchen be teaming up with to create their next ad?

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