SWOOP Spring 2020

I am the director and faculty advisor of SWOOP, a student-managed advertising and public relations agency at the University of North Texas.
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Sarah Torok is a senior Advertising major with a minor in Sociology and is graduating May 2020. In SWOOP, Sarah holds the position as President as well as Account Planner. Currently, Sarah is actively searching for a job as an Account Planner or Strategist in a North Texas-based advertising or marketing agency. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching YouTube videos, looking at things she can’t afford online and taking naps.

Ashley is a senior Advertising major at UNT, who is an aspiring copywriter. She enjoys coconut and peach RedBulls in between working at Chipotle and her classes. In her free time Ashley enjoys watching and attempting to play sports. She has gone through two pairs of airpods now; flushing one pod and losing the other three in freak accidents. After graduating, Ashley plans on pursuing her copywriting dreams at an agency in the DFW area.

Chloe is a senior advertising student graduating in May 2020. She's an Account Executive who loves to help others whenever possible. With a passion for leadership and building relationships, she hopes to pursue a career in brand management once she graduates. Outside of professional matters, she enjoys singing at the top of her lungs in the car with her best friend. She has also recently gotten into trying a new recipe once a week for a little adventure in the kitchen. Some other hobbies include running and spending time with her fur babies.  

Claire is graduating in May 2020 and is majoring in Advertising with a minor in Social Sciences. She is a confident Account Planner and Web Designer who loves to learn something new every day and teach others. After graduating, she wants to pursue a career in Account Planning or Strategy. Starting an ad agency has been a dream of hers for a long time. In her spare time, Claire likes to play video games, chill with her girlfriend, and make jokes that only she finds funny.

Stephanie is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. Stephanie is a Social Media Strategist for SWOOP and loves making the client happy while learning new things along the way. After graduating, she will be interning at AT&T working with data and analytics and later aspires to work at an agency specializing in media. With her energetic and fun personality, Stephanie loves all things country and you can find her at dance halls on the weekends letting her energy run wild.

Yecenia is a senior at UNT majoring in advertising with a minor in Spanish. She is an account planner for SWOOP. She likes being an account planner because it lets her learn about people, which she loves. When she’s not doing research for SWOOP, she is hanging out with friends, listening to music and watching Disney +.


Juliõn is graduating in May 2020 with a BA in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. He is an aspiring art director and experienced graphic designer. He loves dabbling around in the Adobe Illustrator and dancing to the “This Is It: The Michael Jackson Experience” on the Wii. 

Terrance is a senior at UNT majoring in advertising with a double minor in social sciences and psychology. He likes being a copywriter because he finds it easier to express himself through his writing rather than face to face interactions. When not writing, Terrance enjoys: working out, watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Alex is a senior Advertising major and is minoring in Marketing graduating Fall 2020. He is serving as an Account Executive, which allows him to not only express his communication dexterity but also his ability to work with a team, which allows his creative juices to flow. When Alex isn’t meeting with clients, he is either working out, playing video games, or out enjoying happy hour with friends. He’s also known to have been called a ‘HYPEBEAST’ from time to time.

Sierra is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising. She enjoys being a SWOOP copywriter and getting to find new voices for each client. She has a passion for developing + maintaining relationships, watching anything Mindy Kaling is in, and going to spin class. One day she will be a late night talk show host where she can hire a writers' room full of women. She values people, humor, and hates that sad part in the middle of comedy movies.

Tiana is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a double minor in Marketing and Historical Social Science. She is an Account Planner for SWOOP and loves her job because she gets to learn so much about so many different types of clients. When she is not working, she likes to read classic literature and visit zoos, museums, and local attractions with her family. She also enjoys learning new languages and trying new things.

Kyle is a senior Public Relations major at UNT. Kyle loves writing, along with communicating and collaborating on ideas with others. After graduating, Kyle will be moving to Memphis, Tennessee to work as a consultant for Oak Service Corporation. Kyle plans on returning to school to get a master’s in higher education through student affairs. 

Elena is a senior majoring in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. She is also working towards her master’s in journalism. She was born and raised on the Coast of Mexico. She has always wanted to expand her horizons and follow her dreams. She is creative and passionate about design and photography. She loves to travel and be outdoors.

Casey is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. As an Art Director for SWOOP, she loves the challenge of expressing a brand’s identity through the avenue of design. After she graduates in May 2020, she plans to pursue a career in the creative side of advertising. When she has free time, her hobbies include: photography, online shopping for things she doesn’t need, hanging out with her cat, Tilly, and playing Minecraft. Her ultimate goals in life are to never stop learning and to travel to as many places as she can.

Madeleine is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a minor in English. She is a Copywriter who enjoys horror movies, a wide variety of music, and being in the sun all while living her best life. You can find her in her room watching Netflix with her cat, Tyger, or out dancing with her girlfriends on the weekends. She loves to journal, write short stories, sing her heart out in the shower and adventure out in the world trying new things at any chance she can get. 

Blake Boehle is an advertising major who is into all things visual. He is a videographer and art director for SWOOP who aims to constantly improve his skills. On top of being a hard worker, he still tries to takes time to make others laugh. After graduating, Blake is aiming to one day become an art director at an ad agency. One of his life goals is to take photos of the Northern Lights.When he is not working, Blake enjoys shooting videos of nature, playing board games, running, and reading random facts. (Did you know Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch?)

Jay is a junior Advertising major with a Spanish minor at UNT. As a copywriter for SWOOP, Jay feels that his individual creativity can be expressed immensely on paper rather than actual words. Upon graduation in May 2021, Jay plans to continue honing his craft in the creative department as either a copywriter or art director. With a pair of Beats headphones always on deck, you can catch Jay listening to music, watching any sports related content or hooping at the rec.

McKenna is a senior at UNT majoring in public relations with a minor in psychology. As a PR specialist for SWOOP, she is passionate about working with diverse groups of people and building meaningful interpersonal connections. When she’s not writing, she enjoys attending concerts with friends, going to Zumba class, and watching The Office on Netflix. 

An account strategist and the donut bearer for SWOOP, Jessica hopes to help make Mondays better at the office. She enjoys doing research to help inspire others, and creative briefs are her favorite. Still a junior, Jessica plans to graduate in May 2021 and find a job at an agency as an account planner. Her major is in advertising, and she has two minors in history and Spanish. Outside of academics, she enjoys to learn different languages, play murder mystery games, make crafts, and play with her American Eskie. 

Courtney is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a minor in History. She is a Copywriter and Social Media Specialist who enjoys writing all kinds of content. Her favorite things to write about are travel, music, and food. Between working for a nonprofit and a city, she is songwriting or practicing on her guitar skills. Her hobbies include dancing, yoga, and playing video games. Her goal in life is to travel the world. She loves learning about different cultures and is learning French and Japanese.

Deken is a senior public relations major with a minor in creative writing. His future professional endeavors involve doing media relations work for the entertainment industry before embarking on a career as a multi-hyphenate artist. During his free time, Deken enjoys a good bubble bath, snuggling with his Siamese cat Simon, and putting his soul into cooking, eccentric poems, and songs.

Eyara is a senior Advertising major at UNT with a minor in Fashion Merchandising and Sociology. Graduating in December, she works as an Art Director for SWOOP, and in her free time she enjoys taking naps, cooking various foods for her roommates, and watching cringey Netflix reality shows. After she graduates and hopefully has some extra free time, she hopes to travel and maybe pick up some more hobbies (she’s open to suggestions).

Ryan is a senior at UNT majoring in advertising with a double minor in marketing and philosophy. After school he hopes to be an Art Director in the DFW area. When not creating work for clients he stays busy by trying to stay fit He tries to be creative in other ways through photography and carpentry.

Jasmin is a senior Advertising major with a minor is Social Sciences, and is graduating in Spring of 2020. When Jasmin’s not working at Starbucks or SWOOP, she’s drinking Redbull and drawing in her sketchbook to pass the time. Jasmin loves spending time curled up on her couch with her cat, Happy and watching horror movies.

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