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SWOOP Fall 2019

I am the director and faculty advisor of SWOOP, a student-managed advertising and public relations agency at the University of North Texas.
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Bradley is a senior Advertising major at UNT and current President of SWOOP. With a passion for leadership and diligence, he strives to pursue a career as a Brand Manager after graduation in the Fall of 2019. Outside of professional pursuits, he also strives to someday be the loving dog father of a Corgi. When he isn’t busy with school, he can be found enjoying another of his passions, spending time with his closest friends.

Kearin is a senior Advertising major at UNT and current Vice President of SWOOP. As someone with a passion for writing, she hopes to become a copywriter in the creative world of advertising after graduation in December 2019. In her free time, you can find her reading from her book collection, listening to Childish Gambino and Travis Scott on repeat, or hanging out with her two cats.

Sophia Waldron is a senior Advertising major minoring in History. She serves as a copywriter for SWOOP. Despite coming from a family of math teachers and engineers, she has always had a passion for reading, writing and creating. In her free time, you can find her at the rock-climbing gym or planning her next outdoor expedition.

My name is Samantha Tellez, and I was born and raised in Texas. I'm currently a Student at UNT with a major in Advertising and a Minor in photography and social sciences. I love music and photography and spend most of my free time listening to music and taking photos. 

Jaida is a senior Advertising Major with a minor in Marketing. She serves as an Account Executive for SWOOP. After she graduates, she plans to pursue a Masters degree. She has a passion for helping people and building relationships. Outside of SWOOP in her free time you can find her in her kitchen baking many different types of sweets and treats or working out.

Rachel Van Deusen is an advertising major pursuing a career in graphic design and art direction. She is trained in numerous forms of fine art such as drawing and painting. On the side she custom designs Vans shoes. During her free time, Rachel likes to run, travel, sleep and cuddle with her dogs.

Erika is a Business Integrated Studies major with a concentration in marketing and international business set to graduate in May 2020. Also, all of her travel has led to her post-graduation plan of moving to Europe. When she isn’t swamped with schoolwork or busy being and Account Executive in SWOOP, you can find her; taking a picture of her maltipoo Layla, cooking a delicious meal for her friends, or creating a beautiful makeup look.

Danielle is a senior advertising student and art director for SWOOP with a love for design and style. After graduating in Fall 2019, she plans on continuing her passion of backpacking through different countries and meeting people. When she’s not working or staring at a screen, Danielle enjoys ceramics, yoga, hanging with her best four-legged bud, Bodi, music, reading, and any activity on wheels.

Hi, I’m Chloe, a senior at UNT, I am ready to walk the stage May 2020! I have a passion for running and singing in my car, along with taking my dog everywhere I can with me. I love advertising because it’s so creative and strategic! 

Caroline Glenn is an Advertising major at UNT. She is minoring in studio art and is an art director and designer for SWOOP. Caroline is passionate about art and design as well as jazz, comedy, and photography. In her spare time she enjoys exploring many artistic mediums like fibers, watercolor, film photography. One day, she would like to work with brands and agencies on projects she believes in. Her goal is to learn from other successful creatives and designers, and become an excellent creative director.

Christian is a senior advertising major at UNT graduating this fall. His social media position in SWOOP allows him to spend even more time on social media platforms than he already does (which he loves). A typically quiet guy, good music can always bring Christian to life and get him moving. When he isn’t busy with school, you can find Christian at the nearest thrift store, taking photos, playing guitar, being active and even playing poker to name a few.

Celeste Castañon is a senior public relations major at UNT. Her love for interpersonal connections has led her to pursue a career in public relations and is currently gaining experience through SWOOP. She loves to stimulate her creativity through all forms of art. On her free time, you’ll find her immersed in books and music albums. As a mother to a miniature poodle named Mi$o, she also loves to spend her evenings playing fetch outside.

Bianca is a senior Public Relation major at UNT. With love for a few fields including print, advertising, and radio/music she’ll be happy to work with anything that has to do with those after graduation. Outside of SWOOP, classes, and work she has a passion for travel, live music and animals including her two dogs and two cats.

Bethany is a Senior Advertising major with a minor in social sciences. Originally an account planner for SWOOP in Spring of 2019, Bethany is utilizing her range of skills as an art director this semester. With so many wonderful hobbies and interests, this paragraph just wasn’t enough to fit it all.

Bailey is a senior advertising major minoring in sociology. Her curious nature drove her to be an account planner for SWOOP and she hopes to continue as an account planner at an agency in Dallas after graduation. In her free time, she can be found shopping for clothes she doesn't need and obsessing over her Pomeranian, Bambi.

Ximena Arista-Zapata is a senior Advertising major, minoring in Business Foundations and Marketing. She is a social media manager for SWOOP. Ximena loves taking portrait photography and hopes to keep it as a side hobby when she is older. She has a true passion for music and playing instruments such as the harp and the guitar. She loves broad city, KUWTK, taking pictures of her food, and being on Twitter.

Sam is an advertising major and social science minor in his senior year at UNT. He is an Account Executive who uses his communication skills to effectively engage with clients and team members. He accidentally fell into advertising whenever the advisors at Texas Tech put him into the wrong classes, a blessing in disguise. His passions include eating, surfing, supercars and eating.

Sarah is a senior advertising student at UNT and is set to graduate in May of 2020. Sarah is an account planner in SWOOP and plans to do the same once she graduates because she is a people-person and loves to figure out what motivates consumers to think the way they do. When Sarah isn’t working or doing homework, you’ll find her taking naps, listening to music, hanging with friends and watching YouTube videos.

Ashley Morales is a senior Advertising major at UNT who will be graduating in May 2020. Ashley is an aspiring copywriter who uses her words to inspire consumers to try new products and services. When she isn’t at school or rolling burritos at work you can find Ashley playing catch and pretending like she’s athletic with her friends. 

Angie is an Art Director for SWOOP.  She is set to graduate in May 2020 with her Bachelor’s in Advertising with a minor in Marketing.  She spends most days in class, working on campaigns, or at her job -- making caffeine a staple in her diet.  After traveling around Europe last summer, she fell in love with the country and hopes that life takes her back there someday. 

In elementary school, Alesa Gerald’s behavior card was always on red for making conversation with whoever she was sitting next to. As a public relations senior, Alesa Gerald is certain she chose the correct major. She is currently working as a PR specialist for SWOOP and is passionate about connecting her clients with people. Her hobbies include hanging out with her friends, participating in NABJ and binge watching as many TV shows as she can. In the future, Alesa hopes to work in community relations in the DFW area.

Elena is a senior majoring in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. She is also working towards her master’s in journalism. She was born and raised in the Coast of Mexico, she always wanted to expand her horizons and follow her dreams. She is creative and passionate about design and photography. She loves to travel and being outdoors. 

Justin looks like your regular, junior art director. He’s an adobe suite aficionado and enjoys art. Surprisingly, out of left field, Justin is also a history buff. He likes to study history from all eras. He also likes aviation. Combine all his interests into one and he is a flying, art-making, history teacher. The Magic School Bus is shaking.

Hey! I’m Ali, a strategist that’s graduating December 2019! I love traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. I find people fascinating and enjoy learning about them. You will likely see me wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

Alex is a senior advertising major, minoring in psychology. When he’s not at school, SWOOP or work he’s looking for new music or an interesting podcast. The rest of his time is dedicated to his side hustle as a martial artist. 

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