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What is SWOOP?

We are the pioneering student-staffed advertising agency headquartered at the prestigious University of North Texas Mayborn School of Journalism. Our primary focus is centered on developing vibrant and dynamic strategies to reach the Young, Multicultural, Always Connected consumer segment.

SWOOP gives students invaluable industry knowledge and expertise, providing them with a significant competitive edge as they prepare for their careers as strategically grounded advertising storytellers.


Our specialized expertise centers on the Young, Multicultural, Always Connected consumer segment.




Aiden Ownby - Videographer

Sidney Lobel - Vice President, Art Director & AE

Cal Hamilton - Web/Digital Designer

Kayla Callen - Copywriter

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Nicole Moreland - Social Media

Jessica Murdock - AE & Account Planner

Reagan Hoelscher - President & Art Director

Robin Dillon - Copywriting

Natasha Nillaret - Copywriting

Eric Hernandez - Web/Digital Designer

Aidan Ownby 2022101829_edited_edited.jpg


Dylan Smith - Art Director

Arianna Xavier - Copywriting

Liah Collins - Media

Conor Trapani - AE

Nicole Salas - Account Planner

Karl Masamba - Web/ Digital Designer

Meet Our Founders​

Our Founders SWOOP began as a dream and then turned into reality all thanks to the faculty of the Mayborn School of Journalism. Championed by Dr. Sheri Broyles, SWOOP opened in August 2011 with 17 charter members, a newly hired director, and no name.  

With the UNT eagle in mind, the nameless agency became SWOOP and thanks to one of our fellow SWOOPer alumnus, Matt Jordan, SWOOP now stands for “Students Working On Our Profession.”

That newly hired director is our very own Bill Ford, an Art Director with a plethora of experience in the Advertising world. He took SWOOP and ran with it, focusing on the logistics, executing ideas and grooming students for their positions.   Before too long, word got out and UNT Admissions approached us to revamp their Preview Day booklet. Work with the Denton County Transportation Authority followed shortly after and the rest is history.

Remembering Dr. B

Sheri grew up in Chillicothe, Missouri, the daughter of a farmer. One of the principals at the Dallas ad agency where she would later work said she had that great Midwestern work ethic. The other principal jokingly said she was too honest to be in advertising. Both qualities were ingrained in her personality from forever. 

Growing up in Missouri took Sheri to Mizzou and one of the top journalism schools in the country (after getting a performance degree in percussion and deciding that she didn’t want to perform for a living). It was the J-school that made her a student of writing. Made her love words. Made her realize how precise words can be. Her love for writing and music came together in her first job out of college doing advertising, PR and marketing for a symphony orchestra. It also brought her to Texas.

From the symphony, she went to a Dallas ad agency and learned how much fun the ad biz can be. Sheri’s philosophy is never work for a living. Rather, do something you love (and if you love it, you’ll do it well) with people you like. Then it isn’t work. She then began working as a professor of advertising at North Texas, teaching classes she loves. She also says teaching college students is the secret to the fountain of youth. Her belief: Being around college students keeps me thinking young

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