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10 Tips for the Art of Interviewing

Well, you made it. You’ve arrived at the precipice of something new. Fresh employment awaits out there with a position open, stimulating work to be done and hopefully a fist full of cash for you to take home at the end of the day. But before your dream job has you sign on the dotted line, here are some tips. In my list of helpful tips I aim to give you actionable advice not only for interviewing, but also for any communicative situation so you can..

1. Be Prepared. Researched and Knowledgable.

Part of being prepared is doing research and practicing these skills far before you need to call upon them to land a position. It takes practice and repetition as well as knowledge and preparation. I suggest searching the most commonly asked questions for an interview and preparing some responses. Its also beneficial too hone these skills in by practicing mock interviews with a friend or reviewing your own responses aloud. Once you feel prepared for interviews when practicing you can focus on the specific job at hand and...

2. Be Aware. Know about the job your there for.

It’s important to prepare for your specific interview and position. Every company not only is different but wants to feel different as well. So research your prospective job specifically and discover a few ins and outs of the business as well as what they expect of you. Don’t be shy about expressing admiration either, most companies like to feel that they have a special place in the hearts of their employees. If you have love let it show and make it obvious you want to be there so...

3. Be Presentable. Dress for success.

You must have heard this suggestion before. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Even if the position your applying for doesn't require you to be dressed nice for work, I still recommend dressing nice for the interview. Being well dressed and presentable is an important part of how you are perceived for a first impression, it is also important for your own self-confidence. So button up and try to look your best so you can...

4. Be Calm, Cool and Collected. Relaxed and on time.

An interview will be the first time your new employer is expecting something of you. If you want them to trust you with responsibility in the future you should show up on time when they are expecting you. Plan on arriving at least 20 to 30 minutes before your interview time so your not in a rush. You don’t want to feel flustered or panicked from being late so give yourself enough time to sit down, decompress and gather your thoughts before you have to start because you need to...

5. Be Impactful. Make a good first impression.

An introduction in a job interview is important and you want to be the type of person they can remember down the road, so speak up look them in the eye and be sure of yourself. These people want to meet you, it is literally their job, so make the most of it for them and yourself and most importantly...

6. Be Yourself. But the best version of yourself.

Like a mom might say before going out on a date, it is important to be yourself. Don't try to be someone your not when the person you are is good enough to get the job. Most of the time interviewers will be able to see through any charades after all they are well versed in these types of interactions. Not only that, you also do not want to be hired under false pretenses because that does not bode well for you in the long run. So remain you and...

7. Be Engaged. Relentlessly interested.

Clearly you have the attention span for it if you've read this far. Being engaged and interested is a key element for a great interview. People responsible for hiring are looking for someone who is eager to work and excited about working in that position. Being genuinely interested helps the conversation flow more naturally. I suggest if you ever find your mind wandering a bit to try focusing on one thing at a time and remember to...

8. Be Actionable. Speak your mind and ask questions.

No employer wants a yes man and no interviewer wants someone thats looking for all the right answers. Speak your mind, answer questions as truthfully as you can and you'll have way less to worry about. Also try to ask a few questions, this is not only helpful for you to get some knowledge that might help you down the road it also shows that you have some initiative. Showing that you are an actionable person gives you value because you need to...

9. Be Your Own Brand Ambassador. Sell yourself.

Remember your there for a job and they are there for you. As friendly of an encounter as you'd like it to be, at the end of the day the point is that they hire you. So sell yourself a bit to them. You know your strengths and how you can help their company so...

10. Be Different. Be memorable.

I’ll let that speak for itself, after all it’s different for everyone.

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