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  • Braedon Montgomery

How Social Media Can Help Improve Your Business

Everyone knows that social media is important and that it’s easily accessible. I don’t need to tell y’all things that y’all already know. It would seem that most people, specifically millennials (I’m not using that word as an insult), use social media specifically to vent, escape or interact with other people, but did you know that social media can actually help out and improve your business? Here are a few examples of businesses that took advantage of social media platforms for their own benefit.

#1 Whataburger:

Here in Texas, Whataburger is one of the many sovereigns of the fast food chain. People already love their food and Whataburger knows this, but they have taken the love that people have for them even further through their social media accounts. Every day they interact and crack jokes with users, but they didn’t tap into their full potential until 2015 during an ongoing feud between two rappers by the names of Drake and Meek Mill.

The feud took place on social media with Meek Mill initiating it by saying that Drake didn’t write his own lyrics. Drake then responded with his diss track, Charged Up, and proceeded to, with the help of the internet, decimate Meek Mill. Here’s what Whataburger had to say:

The Twitter-verse ran with it. People couldn’t believe that Whataburger, one of their favorite restaurants, was taking part in the rap feud. Then, before Meek Mill could respond to Drake’s diss track, a second track was released by Drake called Back to Back. Whataburger chimed in a second time.

The damage was done, and a powerful blow was dealt to Meek Mills struggling career, by a burger joint no less. In fact, the tweet was so successful that Drake performed in front of it along with several other viral tweets to further ridicule Meek Mill. People talked about this event for weeks, and it only helped Whataburger in the long run. I can proudly say that I went to get a #13 when all of this was going on. Whataburger is truly undefeated.

#2 Arby’s:

Be honest with yourself, contrary to their tagline, are you really ever thinking Arby’s? I most certainly am not, but despite their struggling business and closing locations, Arby’s has managed to hold on through the use of their social media accounts.

Josh Martin, the current director of digital and social media, shifted the focus of the Ads that Arby’s displays and made them more appealing to their consumers. Arby’s felt that their content was too similar to their competitions, and they were right, so instead of making Ads that are expected or the standard, they started making Ads online centered around video games and anime.

(Left to Right: Trico from The last Guardian, a Chocobo from Final Fantasy, and Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s)

Pictured above are items from the Arby’s menu stationed next to cardboard cutouts of popular games characters. Even now on their Twitter account, their most liked tweets are those centered on video games. Arby’s found a way to rebrand themselves and get people talking about them again. Maybe now people will follow their tagline and actually think Arby’s… TBH, now that I think about it, their fries are amazing.


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