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  • Adan Escobedo

My Journey Into Advertising

Returning home always means getting the “What do you study/what do you want to do?” questions, and I’m sure millions of students around the world can relate. The reply is always amusing, it appears advertising is a “very random” profession to many. I suppose not many people really think about it. Before I embarked on my advertising journey I used to study architecture, and to this day I still love it, but the math was more than could handle.

Overall, I love designing, I am infatuated with seeing work go from pencil and paper to up on a billboard or erected as a structure. Dropping architecture was certainly a tough decision for me, my passion for drawing up plans was beyond words and I really hoped that one day my design would be a structure someone would physically live in, the thought excited me.

Soon after applying and transferring to UNT, I found myself looking into the advertising program, I had binged watched all of Mad Men the summer right before the fall semester and realized that advertising and architecture both had similar aspects. By far, my favorite striking similarity between both professions is having the hard work you spent hours on get sent to hell and back by professors. It sounds really ugly, I know, but it truly helps you as an individual gain new and finer ideas.

Now here I am, after four long semesters of basic groundwork for advertising, I’ve made it into Swoop, the nationally recognized student-run advertising agency at UNT as a copywriter for summer 2017. I could not be any more proud of myself and of my journey. It felt great to know that I was once again back on track on achieving my dream of one day seeing my ideas go from pencil and paper to real life for the pubic to see.

For a few last words, I recommend anyone look into advertising, it is indeed an interesting profession, granted it does require long hours, but it is exciting. If you do, I also recommend joining Swoop if you are at UNT, you’ll love Ford, the donuts are a plus, and the clients are always very fascinating.

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