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  • Christian Jimenez

Writing the Future

I used to take comfort in not being certain of my path — I embraced the lack of enjoyment I found in the reporting classes I was taking and of my lack of interest in advertising — chalking it up to me being young and indecisive. I can confidently say now that, in my time at UNT, hearing about the field of PR and joining SWOOP has drastically changed that mindset I held for so long.

When people asked me what I wanted to do growing up, I would tell them that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote 2 books in high school, obsessed over short stories, and placed statewide in UIL Academic writing — writing editorials, features, straight-up news stories, and literary essays based on my knowledge, at that point, of art and of the world.

Still now, I want to be a writer, but I’ve learned, in all of life’s intricacies and hardships, that helping people is where I need to be. By using my passion and knowledge of writing to help their businesses boom and to assist in upholding their image, I’ve found that PR is for me.

My background, as a matter of fact, is in AP-style, creative writing, and content creation. I learned that publicity through blog posts is a way to personalize a business’ image, something that I hope to give SWOOP for future semesters, whether or not I go onto the fall.

Joining SWOOP — something I knew little about when coming on board — has truly showed me that this field is for me. Not only am I a public relations for 5 different DFW-oriented companies, I was also recently given the go to run Studio 5101’s social media — something I’ve always utilized and loved in my free time. Creating positive buzz and publicity, both online and in-person, is something unconscious to me at this point — good (and mostly bad) examples of PR are more prevalent than ever and, because of that, I always think of ways to amp up my plan and find a way to creatively promote a business.

It’s in the little things — interacting with the extremely talented minds on our accounts, the client meetings, and the unapologetic honesty — and, because of these things, I am walking out of the SWOOP room everyday with a newfound knowledge and passion for the field of PR.

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