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Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Some people believe that great ideas just pop into your head, and in some cases they do. However, much of the time, ideas take tons of research and energy. TV shows and different media have been shining a light on advertising and marketing agencies as the new hip and revolutionary places to work. In many ways, advertising is changing how people view brands and the efforts those brands are making to change the game. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a career in advertising is the right path for you:

You will need to learn to develop a tough skin.

This is not a tip to scare you away. Advertising is a real adrenaline rush, especially when you are pitching new ideas to a client or your team. Just because someone does not like an idea you propose does not mean they do not like you. Try not to take it personally. Learn how to receive critiques and make adjustments. Your work will never be 100% perfect.

Do your part.

Nothing is more frustrating than working on a team and doing your work as well as having to pick up the slack for another team member. It is important not to let your team down. This applies to any job. A team cannot function without all its members. Make sure you are also helping out in different parts of the team. Some components may not be your specialty, but giving ideas from diverse backgrounds is better than having the same person brainstorming all the ideas.

Advertising is fun, but making great work is even more fun.

It is rewarding to set time aside to brainstorm and come up with ideas that your team loves. In advertising agencies, it is easy to get distracted because agencies usually have creative spaces in their offices. You will be in the office asking yourself, should I play ping pong with my coworker or sit and come up with ideas for this campaign? Of course, if you have a creative block, take some time to yourself to get those creative juices flowing.

Time does not always necessarily mean great work.

You can come up with a great idea in ten minutes or ten days. The idea comes to you when it comes to you. This also means that just because you worked on a project for ten hours does not mean you did a good job. More time does not mean better work. You have to spit out multiple ideas and figure out how you can incorporate them into your campaign. Options are better than a single idea.

Once again, these are not things to scare you away. These are tips made to prepare you for what is in store. You are mostly surrounded by people all the time, so it’s great to be a people person. Advertising is always changing, especially with the help of technology. Best of luck in the industry, and remember that getting experience before joining the workforce is always helpful.

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