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  • Sam Barsanti

Welcome to the Dark Side, Big-Tech

As children, we were all scared of the dark. The dark holds captive the unknown. It hides the things that we may or may not want to see, and it plagues the human mind. Darkness has always been synonymous with scary… that is until the last few years.

If we look around and start acknowledging all of the change’s brands are making, we would realize that there is a dark mode takeover happening. Luckily, this darkness isn’t scary. This type of darkness is easy on the eyes and soothing to the soul. Brands like Apple, YouTube, Android, and Microsoft are making the switch to “dark mode.” Even Subway has gone so far as to change their in-store menus to black, white and their identifiable green and yellow.

It isn’t limited to just tech-businesses and fast food chains. Our very own UNT at Frisco has begun to come to the dark side as well. There are some hints of black and neon green sneaking up on their social media and around campus.

The question has to be asked: why are brands doing this? What is so pleasing about dark mode and the black and white logos that turn many big-name companies to it? Unfortunately, not much research has been done on this. We are therefore limited to mere speculation and assumption. All I know is, I love it.

Dark mode takeover is a real thing and I welcome it into the branding world with open arms. As the beloved Simon & Garfunkle once said… Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

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