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  • Jaida Johnson

Who Has the Power?

In light of Kanye West’s new gospel album releasing a little over a week ago, I was hit with the question, “Does culture drive media?” In my personal opinion- HECK YES! Although it has not been proven, I am sure all churches across the country saw a rise in attendance. Take a moment to think deeply- how quickly have you seen the culture shift? Just a few years ago everyone had a wrist full of silly bands, today, it would be very unlikely to see that on a 13-year-old. Nowadays you can find kids making a Tik-Tok to famous dances.

When I reflect on my life, I think about culture and how it has affected what the media says. Prime examples: Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches, Kanye’s gospel album, and let's not forget the countless challenges we took part in during middle school years, the cinnamon challenge, chubby bunny, ice bucket challenge, etc. Consumers want to be a part of the now. They will do what is popular and trending. They might not even agree with it or want to truly take part in it, but because the media is glorifying it, people are going to jump on board.

As someone in a business to appeal to people, it is important to keep up with culture. A great example of being a part of culture is Wendy’s Twitter page. They are always on-trend and find opportunities to connect with their audience by being current with the culture.

What culture will drive media next? Will it have power over you?

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