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  • Michael Reyes

Advertising in the Metaverse

With virtual reality technology becoming more common, and NFT’s becoming more popular, it’s important that the advertising world stays up to date with the new and upcoming trends. We see many different forms of advertising today already. Whether it be a billboard on the side of an interstate highway, or a video advertisement that plays before a YouTube video, advertising has been able to communicate to their market in many ways, while keeping up with the latest media forms and trends. So, what does advertising look like in virtual reality, or the “metaverse”? Anwesha Roy from XR Today mentions that “the metaverse can be viewed as a new medium for storytelling. Apart from traditional ads like the ones that pop up on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., you can have immersive ad experiences that tell the brand story.” Advertising can now be engaging and immersive thanks to virtual reality. As social environments and video gaming shifts towards virtual reality, users will begin to notice how advertising has shifted towards this form of media. Users will have the ability to interact with the brand's product, view billboards, and sponsored locations all within the metaverse. Some early examples of advertising that we have seen in virtual reality include the VR mobile game “Pokémon Go” and the game-creation videogame, “Roblox”. But these examples are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of advertising inside the metaverse.

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