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Best Buds are back! This time with a free beer.

Remember the Best Buds campaign from Budweiser that featured in the 2014 Superbowl commercial and followed the year after. Well, they are back again with the puppy and Clydesdales in 2021 with a new touch to it. While the highly anticipated reunion finally happened and was perfect to melt our hearts, Budweiser manages to deliver the message to meet with your buds at your favorite bar safely as well.

The world seems to be opening back with sunshine after the vaccines have been getting delivered and making things seem to look normal finally. Covid-19 had the advertising industry switch gears and run wild brains in order to accomplish the message in different ways. There were drops in several mediums of delivery while some mediums gained a vivid popularity.

With millions of people getting vaccinated, Budweiser had its ad coming in a way where we can finally meet safely. And to promote vaccination, Budweiser is also offering a $5 virtual gift card for anyone who shows a proof of vaccination. One can do it by going to or

Budweiser has been known for its advertising and to increase the sales in the competitive market especially when tremendous seltzers have been coming out, this was a great measure. Time will tell how many buds go down but people getting vaccinated is a surety Budweiser wants to promote. Currently the ad is being featured on social media platforms while it is expected to hit the national TV as well soon.

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