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  • Erin Clarner

Boom in Pet Business 

The corona virus has seen the strongest of businesses collapse and travel and retail sectors decimated during this economic downturn. However, delivery services have bloomed enormously as people have been turning to online resources to help them stay stocked during the pandemic. With the stay-at-home order enforced, priorities have shifted for many people. Pet adoptions have been on the rise as people seek companionship while being stuck at home. As pet ownership becomes more popular, the demand for pet care products increases, leading to companies optimizing their online experience with creative advertising to acquire new customers.

Pet ownership rates continue to rise as target markets begin to expand, allowing the pet industry to develop new products and channels so they may continue to thrive in this new age of technology and redefine pet shoppers' expectations. Companies like Chewy and PetFlow continue to advertise their delivery services that allow pet owners a more convenient system to purchase supplies. Because of the recent spike with online delivery services, other stores like Petsmart and Petco advertises offer similar services must compensate for their decrease in sales in their grooming, training, and daycare departments. Even retail giants, like Walmart and Amazon, advertise their pet care delivery services along with free same-day delivery, creating an intense competition within the market.

In response to the pandemic, marketing departments have been altering their ads to promoting e-commerce offerings. Pet brands are taking a focus on driving potential consumers through ads to website design experience in order to maximize their click-through rate and reach their revenue goal.

It is difficult to predict what the future may hold for retail when the world pulls through this pandemic. Consumers loyalties may erode to online shopping from here on out, changing the marketing for pet care industries permanently.

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