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Halloween and Advertising

Halloween is a beloved and anticipated holiday for many, and regardless of whether an individual is involved in the field of advertising or not, everyone can expect to see some type of Halloween advertisement throughout the month of October and even in the later part of September.

Many businesses create new consumable items or redesign their product’s packaging to better advertise their Halloween spirit or draw in fans of this scary holiday. IHOP, for example, recently released their new limited time products for Halloween, including a new “Monster Mummy Burrito” and a “Scary Face Pancake” for younger children on the children’s menu. Other companies like Disney and Six Flags also participate by redecorating their theme parks and transforming them and their mascots into spooky icons for the festive holiday.

Events like this as well as many other examples, such as discounts on merchandise, help companies increase their profits during times when major benefitting circumstances like summer ends and schoolwork and other actions interfere with trips and other family adventures. Some companies, however, can financially thrive regardless of what season it is and there are many businesses that do not even necessarily need to produce Halloween advertisements to draw in customers, such as food establishments or gas stations.

While some companies may not necessarily need the extra influence for business, it can still be beneficial to increase sales, and one example of this is Chevrolet. Chevrolet produced a Halloween advertisement in 2016 featuring a Chevrolet Camaro in a dark parking garage and the advertisement also includes scary music, a frightened actor playing the role of a security guard, and sound effects to “drive” the typical horror scenario. Chevrolet did not need this advertisement in order to attract consumers but rather to be an engaging conversation topic that consumers could share during Halloween parties or be a thoughtful memory when consumers visit or pass by their local car dealership. Advertising will always play a part in Halloween festivities, and although Halloween may be over in November for regular consumers, it is only the beginning of the brainstorming process for businesses and their plans for the next Halloween.

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