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Jake from State Farm from Tik Tok

“Who are you talking to?”

“Jake…from State Farm..”

“Jake from State Farm at 3 in the morning?”

Yeah…it’s Jake from State Farm at 3 in the morning because he’s on my For You Page as I doom scroll through Tik Tok.

In case you didn’t get it, Jake from State Farm chose a new career path. One that involves much less insurance and a lot more social media. This is a very interesting choice on State Farm’s part because Jake has already migrated from television ads, to YouTube, to Instagram, Twitter and now Tik Tok. I get it, though. He’s cute. I would let him try to sell me insurance. But this just seems a little less progressive (get it, insurance pun) than they intended. I’ll give them credit for being clever, though. In his Tik Toks, he sometimes goes door-to-door with sheets of fresh baked cookies because “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

A statement from State Farm reads,

“In our nearly 100-year history, State Farm has always embraced new ways to connect with our customers. We think this will be a fun new one and hope you’ll give @jakefromstatefarm a follow.

Check out Jake’s launch videos below. He’s teaming up with popular Tik Tok influencers, Alex Wong and Happy Kelli as well as friend and doppelganger, Mike Johnson, from The Bachelor.”

This seems like such a counter-productive move on State Farms' part because there doesn’t seem to be much overlap between people who are buying insurance, and people who are watching Jake from State Farms Tik Toks. This isn’t a new phenomenon, though. Flo from Progressive also migrated her way onto social media some time ago. I wonder if this is going to become a new advertising tool done specifically by insurance agencies.

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