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  • Matthew Kilpatrick

Magic at the Knoll

Take a peak at a place that has been changing lives.

Oak Knoll Ranch is nestled away just 30 minutes north of Ft. Worth in Springtown, Texas. This venue accommodates a wide range of events from weddings to business conferences. Surrounded by 100 acres of beautiful Texas country this ranch offers a traditional 1900s rustic feel with a 350 person capacity red barn serving as the location’s main attraction. The entire property is equipped with priceless antiques, like the iconic pinball wizard wall. This is a wall that is covered in vintage paintball games, adding a little bit of quirky fun to the ambiance.

These features are complimented nicely with modern amenities that allow everyone to feel at home. Oak Knoll has given us some exciting opportunities, one thing they asked of us was to revamp their website. This involved a team to go on location and shoot a wedding and in doing so allowed us to see firsthand the magic this place exudes. Our videographer Devin put it this way,

“Seeing Oak Knoll as it was meant to be seen, full of people celebrating, made the wedding a fun day to work on the account. How in love everyone was with the venue, from the bride to the photographer, and working alongside the owners made the account feel very meaningful. Even though it was work, it didn't feel like it and everyone made sure we felt welcome as though we were invited”.

Another thing we are working on is a total redesign of their brochure so as to efficiently encapsulate the beauty of the ranch. Lastly, we are finishing up a radio spot set to be broadcast throughout the entire DFW metroplex. Oak Knoll offers the old with the new and is one of the best locations to host any event. The work we are able to do for them is exciting and real and we can’t wait to do more.

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