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  • Devon Eskew

Sandwich Videos

With only his iPhone, Adam Lisagor fundamentally changed internet video advertising. In 2009 he filmed a commercial in his backyard for his app, Birdhouse. Adam’s talent for being able to condense a complex idea and present it in simple terms through a short and entertaining internet video brought him more attention than his app. Although it lacked the high production values and polish of the work he would go on to do, Adam demonstrated clearly he can do something special. His Birdhouse video led to Adam founding his production company, Sandwich, and having clients such as Capital One, Facebook, and Starbucks.

Beyond basically inventing the “explainer” video, which today is emulated endlessly by brands such as Dr. Squatch or Dollar Shave Club, Sandwich is also innovating compensation structures. Sandwich specializes in tech. An industry known for its scrappy start ups as well as its bloated giants. Startups with low cash flows and reserves are usually unable to afford the high price tag associated with the high-quality production, but still need a polished video to attract awareness and get off the ground. If they believe in a business then in lieu of cash, Sandwich will take equity.

This leads to Sandwich functioning as a hybrid between a production company and an investment firm. This level of farsightedness, ambition, and willingness to do things different from a production company that began with an iPhone genuinely inspires me. It’s a reminder that you can always decide to do things in a better way if you see how.

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