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Social Media Platforms Change Their Ad Policies During to COVID-19 - Courtney Istre

Many social media websites are receiving an influx of traffic since people are spending time at home. With this, platforms are struggling to control the amounts of fake news, spam marketers, and more that have increased in number since the beginning of the crisis. Meanwhile, some advertisers are trying to get legitimate messages out about their business operations.

Internet companies, like Google and Twitter, have loosened rules against mentions of coronavirus for some marketers. These Internet businesses are shifting to real-time in order to monitor companies who are making announcements in regards to COVID-19. For example, Starbucks has changed its hours and the way the stores will operate amid the pandemic.

Many companies have also had their ads in limbo since March. Since the crisis, Internet businesses have been unable to approve ads and release them as they should. Instead of creating all-around solutions, it seems like companies like Google have a single focus. This is also due to the turn around many companies are making. There are many campaigns that have been canceled or changed due to the ongoing crisis.

Eric Keshin of Great Harvest Bread Company even accused Google of blocking a major campaign for the company. He further commented that platforms like Google are not focusing on the approval process for regular campaigns but are only focused on monitoring how brands respond to coronavirus.

In contrast, companies like Twitter are trying to make sure that brands can connect with employees and customers while being informed about COVID-19’s effects on operations. They want to make sure that only accurate and truthful information is spread so that there is no misinformation. However, from a policy perspective, there are still a lot of holes.

There is still a lot of disconnect between Internet platforms and brands. Policies can be tricky since there aren’t a lot of exceptions. It seems like some platforms are trying to make those exceptions for major brands that spend large amounts on advertising. Hopefully, brands continue to try and keep consumers informed by spreading accurate and truthful information.

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