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  • Alexis Rosebrock

Super Bowls Ads

Super Bowl advertisements have become part of American culture. The majority of millions of Americans try to tune in on the Super Bowl, regardless of which NFL teams are playing to watch. Firms and advertisers tend to become part of the Super Bowl at the expense of reaching out to a large audience (Goldberg 15). The commercial spaces during the Super Bowl seem to be valuable because it is one of the few television programs watched by a large audience at the same time. Super Bowl advertisement is considered funny and creative because that is what people discuss and remember concerning after the game. However, Super Bowl LI is most likely discussing the advertising, which was not the usual over-the-top favourites for years, but currently, the ads discussed are to do with political undertones.

Since its beginning, the Super Bowl has attracted the majority of the top sponsor dollars and high-end television ratings. However, two critical events are associated with the phenomenal rise seen in Super Bowl ads to what it is today. In the past, Joe Namath led New York into Super Bowl III, where they knocked off the Baltimore Colts, which was one of the most shocking Super Bowl upsets of all time, giving the American Football Conference credibility and causing Super Bowl advertisements rates to skyrocket (Goldberg 16). For some years later, in what was widely accepted as the most famous Super Bowl spot of its entire time. In addition, the Apple Computer was introduced hence making the household name and setting a new standard for Super Bowl advertisements. The current prices for airtime most clearly depict the incredible climb of Super Bowl advertisements. The past years of Super Bowl matchup between Baltimore and New York firms paid CBS close to 2.5 million dollars for a thirty-second slot. CBS has heavily promoted and aired “The Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials” the night before the game. The Super Bowl has become one of the phenomena in and of itself for commercials. It offers a breeding ground for advertiser competition and creativity (Simmons 18).


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