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  • Kathryn Jennings

The impact TikTok has on advertising

It’s becoming much more common to see everyday people in big name advertising. And those types of ads track a great amount of attention. Sometimes seemingly endless attention.

All because of a guy on a skateboard drinking a bottle of Ocean Spray while listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” TikTok has a new ad within their campaign called “It starts on TikTok.”

This TikTok started a trend, it brought business to Ocean Spray and brought “Dreams,” a song from 1977 to the Billboard charts in 2020.

The viral video even gained the attention of Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood, resulting in him recreating the video himself. It introduced a younger audience to the iconic band and made older fans angry about young one’s just finding out about Fleetwood Mac. It’s off topic to ask, but shouldn’t we celebrate the idea of new ears listening to Fleetwood Mac? They’ve gotta learn about it from somewhere. TikTok being a place where a lot of people learn about new music from, it’s not wonder the traction from this ad gave Fleetwood Mac a new following.

When using videos like this viral TikTok, it makes consumers feel like the brand is relatable. Like they’re paying attention to their consumers. Everyday people in big name advertising makes users feel more connected. And that’s what consumers want these days. TikTok gives brands the opportunity to show themselves in a more everyday way. It almost feels like a new wave of advertising, the impact that TikTok has on advertising.

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