There Will Only Be One JIF - Stephanie Meyer

For almost a decade, there has been great debate on how to pronounce JIF vs. GIF. JIF Peanut Butter recently partnered with Giphy, the creators of our beloved GIF’s, to settle the debate on how the word is pronounced. Simply letting the world know that there will only be one JIF, and that’s the delicious peanut butter brand that has been around since the 50’s. The mastermind behind this new #JifvsGif campaign is Publicis Agency. Personally, I think it is amazing when a brand is able to branch out and take a risk with a campaign, and it ends up being effective. I think that this campaign is super fun, gets so many people’s attention, and still is able to stay on brand due to the debate including the pronunciation of their brand name. Once people see this they will start WOM advertising and I’m sure that JIF’s sales will increase. These are the kind of campaigns that make me love Advertising and get me excited for working at an agency someday.

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